Safety & Access Control Committee

A Busy 2021

Our committee was active in pursuing several objectives. Here’s a summary of our key accomplishments.

• Two Town Halls were held to illuminate and gain resident input on Safety and Access issues and initiatives. Advised PBM management and supplied comments and input to the CCR drafts.

• Prepared the CERT Program for the 2021 hurricane season and were ready for activation when, thankfully, the one threatening hurricane turned away from impacting our community. All CERT supplies were moved to University Park, saving costs for outside storage. Committee members attended CERT training and are now ready to implement a broader training effort in the Park.

• Safety & Access Control contributed articles for the “UP to Date” e-newsletter and assisted in the “First Alert” preparedness information for all homeowners.

• The committee prepared a board-requested presentation and recommendations on road safety in the Park, based on over three years of data collection and committee discussions.

Safety & Access Control Committee Members

Janette Gatesy

Committee Member

Paul Gibson

Committee Member

Murray Kaftan

Committee Member

Larry Newman

Committee Member

2022 Objectives

The committee has set some ambitious challenges for 2022

Two Town Halls

“Hurricane Preparedness” with TV meteorologists & Emergency Response teams (CERT) and “Medical Myths and Tips” with our resident doctor, Marc Loundy.


Continue to support CERT activities and liaise with Emergency Management of Manatee/ Sarasota. Conduct an in-house UP CERT training course, including part online and two sessions in person.

Traffic Safety

Implement the Board decisions for traffic safety measures in the Park. Continue to gather feedback from residents with a dedicated web address for the committee. Continue to monitor, gather information and report on safety issues in the Park and liaise with Manatee/Sarasota on safety issues.

Access Control

Assist PBM in their work of gate access control and emergency gates updates. Finalize the updated post orders and monitor and assist in implementing them.


Contribute to updating the UP-Information Pack. Continue to communicate with residents via the “UP to Date” e-newsletter. Create a long-term communication program covering road safety concerns and issues.

Organization, Preparedness & Response Plan

Click on the image below to view a copy of this plan.

Meeting Minutes Archive


Safety & Access Control Committee Minutes 01.11.2022

PDF Document


Safety & Access Control Committee Minutes 11.09.2021

PDF Document


Safety & Access Control Committee Minutes 09.14.2021

PDF Document


Safety & Access Control Committee Minutes 07.13.2021

PDF Document


Safety & Access Control Committee Minutes 05.11.2021

PDF Document


Safety & Access Control Committee Minutes 03.10.2021

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