University Park Community Association Inc, UPCAI, our homeowners’ association, was turned over to its residents in December 2019.

The community association is governed by the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for University Park”, including 25 amendments.  Each of the 32 neighborhoods also has a Supplemental Declaration specific to that neighborhood which may be obtained by contacting the association.

In addition to the CCRs, there are other important documents and agreements that address the management and operation of UPCAI, the homeowners’ association, and its relationship with the Recreation District and PBM, the management company that is responsible for the day to day management of University Park.

At turnover, a 7-member Board of Directors was elected.  Directors are elected for 2-year terms via electronic voting conducted by Vote-Now on a one-lot, one-vote basis.  Each board member serves as the liaison to one of the standing committees.

UPCAI has eight standing committees, made up of dedicated resident volunteers, appointed by the Board of Directors, who are actively involved in helping to set direction and manage the present and future of University Park.  The Chair Council, the largest of all of the standing committees, is made up of one representative from each of the 32 neighborhoods, the neighborhood chair.


Master Association Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

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Neighborhood Supplemental Declarations (SDs)

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Additional Important Documents

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Board and Committees

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Recreation District

The University Park Recreation District owns and manages University Park Country Club and all recreational facilities including the golf course, tennis and fitness facility and the restaurant.  The Recreation District Board of Supervisors works closely with the UPCAI Board of Directors to collectively create an outstanding gated residential community with an award-winning country club facility, the center of social interaction and recreation in University Park.

Recreation District Defined

A Recreation District (RD) is a municipal entity (under Florida Statute 418) created to acquire, maintain & improve recreation facilities in a specific geographic area.  It can issue tax-exempt, 30-year municipal bonds, secured by annual tax revenues or assessments.

Bond amortization is spread over the 30 years and levied by the county tax assessor on property owners as a non-ad valorem assessment in the annual property tax bill.  The bond amortization assessment will not change over the 30 years of the bonds.

The University Park Recreation District (UPRD) was created in August 2018 by Manatee County, on petition by a majority of citizens in the RD, with the objective of acquiring the University Park Country Club amenities, facilities and land.

UPRD is governed by the Charter approved in the related Manatee County Ordinance and is administered by a five-person volunteer Board of Supervisors, elected by the property owners.  The UPRD Board is assisted by a District Manager and District Attorney.

In November 2019, UPRD issued $24 million of Series 2019 Bonds to fund the purchase of the club facilities and other lands, and to provide for certain other provisions and reserves.

The Board contracted with Park Boulevard Management LLC to manage its recreational facilities.  This includes: the golf, tennis and restaurant facilities; club membership & fees; public use of the facilities; appropriate club rules; and other business operations related to the club.

Resident Membership

Resident membership of the University Park Country Club is a core part of the economic viability of our University Park community and our property values.

The 16th amendment to the University Park “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions” provides that resident membership in the Country Club is mandatory for all owners purchasing a home in University Park after January 1, 2008.  The 18th amendment clarifies, defines and limits certain rights and privileges, initiation fees, dues and other charges and requirements applicable to resident membership.

Copies of these amendments may be found in the “Governance” tab of this website.

For University Park Country Club membership information please contact Ann Backus, Membership Director, at 941.355.3888, ext. 234 or email [email protected]

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