Now that turnover has taken place, changes are beginning to pop up around University Park. 65 homes will have a new roof this year; new paint on 44 homes; 17 new front doors; 27 homes with new hurricane rated windows; and 54 house generators have been added in 2020. In order to maintain our elegant look, our homeowners have invested substantially in our homes.

What is the next generation of improvements going to look like? Already solar roof tiles that heat/cool the whole house are appearing. One of the big trends in the next 10 years will be the adoption of darker colors. Some of our homes are now sporting darker contrasting garage & front doors and deeper house colors. We have begun to see additions to some of our homes – maybe a bedroom or home office or, in some cases, a two-story addition to the home. It is possible that by 2030 we may see entire homes demolished and replaced with all new construction.

The Architecture and Landscape Committee is studying the changes in the new home models springing up around us to stay abreast of changing tastes in the building industry. New color palettes for the neighborhoods are being developed now in case you are looking for ideas when repainting your home. It is a delicate procedure marrying the new trends with the elegance of University Park. The changes will take place gradually with an eye toward making sure that the blend of old and new styles works.