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Physical & Mailing Address

8301 The Park Boulevard
University Park, FL 34201

Monday – Friday
9:00am – 4:00pm

941.355.3888, x103
[email protected]

After hours or Weekends
Contact Gatehouse

941.355.3888, prompt 9
[email protected]


Police:  941.747.3011
Fire:  941.751.7675​


Fire, Police, Medical – 911

Key Contact Info

Landscape Manager

Patrick Bell, extension 194

Email: [email protected]

Common Area Landscaping & Ponds

Assistant Board Secretary & Neighborhood Committee Liaison

Jennifer Everingham, extension 233

Email: [email protected]

Document requests, Opt-in and consent form information, meeting notice & agenda information, ballot & proxy form requests, meeting minutes, website information

UPCAI Controller

Beverly Latine, extension 261

Email: [email protected]

Budgets and Reserves

Amanda Goodhue, extension 244

Email: [email protected]

Homeowner account questions, including assessments; vendor invoices and estoppel requests

Office Manager

VACANT, extension 105


General Questions, New Homeowner Welcome & Orientation, Tenant Processing, Architecture & Landscape Committee assistance

Janice Kemper, extension 106

Email: [email protected]

RFID Decals, ALC, New Owners & Open Houses

Infrastructure Systems Manager

Fidel Villegas, extension 263

Email: [email protected]

Roads, Weirs, Irrigation, Lift Stations, Lighting, Storm Water drainage

Dava Reyes, extension 104

Email: [email protected]

Administrative Support for Infrastructure Systems & Landscape Managers 

university park florida

8301 The Park Boulevard
University Park, FL  34201

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Monday - Friday:  9am - 4pm
Office closed weekends

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