Current Community Committees

Board of Directors

Every year, the community elects either three or four directors for a two-year term. In 2023, there are three vacancies. Residents who choose to run self-nominate for the vacant seats and are elected by lot owners on a one-lot, one-vote basis. The elections are electronic and administered by Vote-Now.  Voting by paper ballot or choosing a proxy to represent you are also options. Meet the Board of Directors

UPCAI Committees

Architecture & Landscape (“ALC”)

The ALC works with homeowners for the approval of changes to the external design, enhancements, and upgrade of homes and landscaping. Architectural and landscape criteria include restrictions, standards and guidelines that are adopted and published by the committee from time to time, for all individual lots and homes. This committee also advises the Board on landscape matters relating to neighborhood and community common lands. Details

Chair Council

Each of the 32 Neighborhood Chairpersons sits on this committee to advise the association Board on matters of interest or concern to association members. It serves as the primary communication between neighborhood committees, homeowners and the elected Board. Details

Community Emergency Response Team (“CERT”)

University Park is proud to man a Community Emergency Response Team (“CERT”), made up of resident volunteers who assist in times of emergency within our community, primarily hurricanes.  Details

Community Outreach

As the name implies, this committee is responsible for community outreach in areas identified by the committee. Recent initiatives included support for local charitable organizations or initiatives including Feeding Empty Little Tummies (“FELT”), Food Bank of Manatee County, Hugss and Smiles Campaign, and the Mayors’ Feed the Hungry Campaign. Details


This important committee is in charge of running the UPCAI Board of Directors’ election each year, held in November.  There are either three or four vacant seats on the board, which are two-year terms, and voted on by our lot owners on a one-lot, one-vote basis.  Any interested candidate may self-nominate and go through the campaigning process which may include a Candidates’ Forum.  The election results (the names of the winning candidates) is announced at the Annual General Meeting each year.  Details


Reviews all financial reports prepared by management including operations and reserve budgets and monthly financial statements. The Finance Committee also reviews all insurance and investment transactions and policy.  This committee also sets policy to ensure internal controls and the integrity of the financial statements. Details


Management of the lift stations and all related infrastructure fall under this committee’s purview as do roads, street lights and all other mechanical systems managed by UPCAI and the community association. Details


A challenging committee due to the diversity of responsibilities.  This includes ongoing inspections and reporting of the “health” and potential deficiencies of our fifty ponds, water testing, “no mow” zone control from around forty different lawn contractors servicing properties throughout University Park, removal of shoreline debris, fallen tree removal, and even involvement with a statewide group to address “red tide” issues.  Details 

Learn how you can help!

University Park resident volunteers are the lifeblood of our committees and the UPCAI Board of Directors and University Park Recreation District Board of Supervisors. We welcome your participation. Interested in volunteering?

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