Elections Committee

Bylaw Change

In anticipation of the 2021 and future UPCAI Board elections, changes to By-laws Sections 4.1(b) and 4.1(c) of Article 4 were approved by the Board at their August meeting allowing the Board each year to set the cut-off dates and times for when candidate nominations, voting proxies, ballots and the official lot owner roster are due.

2022 Elections Committee Members

Janette Gatesy

Committee Chair

Marcia Selep

Committee Member

Principle Activity

Primary Activity

The Election Committee is in charge of running the UPCAI Board of Director elections each year.  Elections are held each November for either 3 or 4 seats for 2-year terms on the Board.  The process begins when the committee notifies the community of the number of seats available and the nomination time frame.   Any interested candidate who is a lot owner may self-nominate.  Once nominations are closed, the Election Committee holds a Candidates’ Forum, after which the voting process begins.  Voting is on a one lot, one vote basis and for those who have Opted-in to Electronic Voting, an electronic ballot will be emailed to them.  All others will receive a paper ballot.

 When the Voting process has closed, the winning candidates will be announced at the Annual General Association meeting.

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